Bug Report Best Practices


Please note: We mainly use our bug report form as an ingest for bugs, as most don't require a response. If you need to receive assistance, please reply to the ticket and it will automatically be escalated to a support agent for further help.





To help ensure that your bug report is comprehensive and complete, it is highly recommended that you follow these guidelines:

Ticket Subject

Write a concise summary that clearly states the problem. Try to avoid statements like “Help!”, “It doesn't work”, “It’s broken”, or “There’s a bug”, and instead use a short phrase to accurately summarize your issue. You may find it helpful to think about what you would search to find help for the issue.

(i.e. Players can phase through Dragon statue in Calming Incense quest) 

Type of Bug

Pick the one that fits best from the list of bug types:

  • Social (Friends, Communities, Chat, Parties)
  • Skills (Bug Catching, Cooking, Fishing, etc.)
  • Gameplay (Accomplishments, Housing, Tools, Inventory, etc.)
  • Lore (Quests, Friendship, Romance, Gifting, etc.)
  • Clipping, Visual Issues, Collision Issues
  • Other

Depending on which selection you pick, a new set of options will appear. Please select whichever is closest to the issue you are reporting.

Description - Steps to Reproduce 

Include precise steps to reproduce the issue. Write down what exactly you did that caused the issue. If you are not sure, try to recreate the bug. Use a numbered list for the steps, so it is easy for someone else to follow.

Expected Result and Actual Result

After listing the steps, clearly state what happens, and what you believe should happen.

Include the exact text of any messages (e.g., error messages) that appeared at the time of your issue.

Attachments - Screenshots and Logs

Attach screenshots to the ticket to showcase the issue more clearly. 


Players can phase through Dragon statue in Calming Incense quest

Bug sample.png


(Depending on the issue you are experiencing specifically lags, crashes and freezing, you might need to submit Palia Logs and DXDIAG for Dev team to investigate the situation)

Palia Logs:

  • Press [Windows Key]
  • Type "File Explorer" and hit [Enter]
  • Paste %LocalAppData%\Palia\Saved\Logs into the file explorer and hit [Enter]
  • Highlight all of the logs
  • Right-click and select "Compress to ZIP file"
  • Attach the zipped log file to the ticket


  • Press [Windows Key] + R (this will open up a "Run" window)
  • Type "dxdiag" and hit [Enter]
  • Click "Save all information" and save the file
  • Attach the file to the ticket


Take your time. Read over your bug report to make sure you didn’t leave out anything and that everything is clearly explained.



As stated above, Bug Report tickets will be sent an automated response. However, Player Support may reach out to you incase they need to gather more information about the bug/issue that you had reported.

Also, if you happen to require further or immediate assistance, you can send a reply after receiving the automated response and Player Support will get back to you as soon as we can.  

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