Best Practices for Account Security

Disclaimer: Please note that the security measures included in this article are general recommendations that we suggest to secure your accounts. These are not directly tailored for best practices for account security of solely your Palia accounts. This also applies to the email addresses, other accounts, and other credentials linked to your Palia account.

Always protect your email account

Our email account is what we mainly use to link to our Palia Accounts. It will contain a lot of sensitive information so protecting it at all costs is a priority. If by any chance someone knows your email address and password, they would only need to ask for a password reset and they can gain access to your Palia account. If the 2-Factor Authentication feature is available on your email provider, we also highly suggest our you consider activating this. And lastly, always log out of your email account if you have logged into it in a shared space. This would help you protect your privacy and prevent any unauthorized access to your personal information.

Enable 2-Factor Authentication

This feature is also recommended. Don’t just settle in securing your email in the usual way when you can enable your 2FA. This security measure helps add an extra layer of protection by asking for different proof of identity such as an OTP, biometrics, or email verification code. For more information about 2FAs for gmails, you can check out this article

Create a strong and unique password

Passwords should be unique from one account to another. If you are currently using the same password across multiple platforms, you may run a risk of someone getting access to some of the accounts you own! Avoid using the same email, username, and password combination.

A common mistake for password creation is also using words that are usually connected to you such as your birthday or your cat’s name. We suggest that you use uncommon words or phrases. You can even make combinations! The more crafty and chaotic your password is, the harder it is for other people to guess it. To do that, adding numbers and special characters can help with this. You can also opt to use a password generator if you feel the need to.

Increase your password security

While we do everything to keep your account safe and secure, there are also steps that you could take to protect your account yourself! This involves updating your password from time to time and using different characters, numbers, and symbols. If you are a returning player, you may still log in to your current password, however, we encourage you to update your password once you log in from a long vacay from the game.

When creating a password, consider the following

Must be between 8 and 256 characters in length
Must contain both upper and lower case characters
Must contain at least one non-alphanumeric character
Must contain at least one number

Do not share your Palia account no matter what circumstances

This is one of the most important practices of all! Sharing may be caring, but not when it comes to your account. It's still best to keep your login details top secret for now and avoid the temptation to let others access your Palia account. Only you should have access to your account (as per TOS), and this includes the email linked to your account. We understand that it can be tempting to let others log into your accounts, especially if you trust them - but it's much easier to prevent your account from being stolen than it is to go through the recovery process. Remember, your Palia account is like your own personal treasure chest. It’s best to keep it locked up tight! 🔐

Log off all your accounts in shared spaces

If you access your Palia account or email in shared spaces like PC cafes, libraries, or shared school or office computers, please make sure that you log out all your accounts before walking away. If you're done playing for the day and have gathered the right amount of Sernuk meat you need, don’t forget to log out.

Beware of scams

We will never ask you for your password. This includes our Discord Moderators and Player Supports. We can't see what your password is, and we don't need it to help you access your account. If you ever get an email or a message from someone asking for your account credentials, be on the alert! If the email address seems legit and you're unsure, you can always contact our friendly moderators on Palia Discord or send an email to Player Support to confirm.

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