[Open Beta] Troubleshooting Known Issues

Hey Palians!

While our developers are working as hard as they can on improving Palia further during our Open Beta, we’ve gathered a list of known issues, bug info, and available troubleshooting steps to help players navigate the most common issues they may encounter in-game.


Gameplay and Bugs

Issue Notes from the team
Interacting with the wardrobe while the player's character is stuck in the “missing textures & T-posing” appearance will cause the character to reset/change appearances permanently. At the moment, the workaround for the “T-posing” issue is to simply relog into the game. Please avoid interacting with the wardrobe, otherwise, your character will change with no way to adjust certain settings!
If players have full inventories and they have space in their storage, they receive a "Wow, your inventory is full" error pop-up when trying to pick up their house, or housing add-ons. Having just one empty slot available in your inventory will allow you to move your house and housing add-ons.
Interactable Light settings in the player's housing plot will persist and be viewed the same by all visitors. We are aware of a bug where the current light setting will be reversed, so what's “ON” will actually show as “OFF,” and vice versa. Please stay tuned for further updates regarding this.
Missing Heavy Metal Chapaa Trophy The trophies seem to be getting ported away from the home plot as you place them down. The team is already looking for a way on how to restore the items to players who have earned the reward.
Referral reward items are either missing or unusable via inventory

Rewards can be claimed in the "News" button located in your player inventory "I" menu.

Once you claim your cosmetic items, you must relog before you can equip them. If this still does not work, please submit a ticket to the Support Team.

Quest items are sent to ‘Storage Chest’ in ‘Equipment tab’ if players have a full inventory upon receiving a quest item For any missing quest related items, check the Storage Chest inventory first to see if the item is there. It’s possible to have run out of slots available when given an item by an NPC while doing a quest.
Sifuu's book during her ‘An Adventurous Memoir’ quest includes typos Please note that this is not a bug and Sifuu is doing her best to improve on writing books. 😣
Unable to find Broken Key

Mining rocks are required to obtain the key. We also suggest checking your housing inventory as overflow items are automatically sent there, and can be hard to notice.

If you have already done this quest, then it is related to data loss. Please submit a ticket to the Support Team so we can investigate further.

Unable to place worktable A common workaround is pressing "H" to view your top-down housing menu, and dragging it to your plot from there. You can also try, switching to DirectX11 or relogging.
"Like a Bird" or glider quest Players who were not able to progress the quest "Like A Bird” should now be able to complete it (hotfix 0.165.6). If you are still having this issue, please submit a ticket.
Stuck in a random location

Please use the “/unstuck” command in chat. It should push you out into a safe location!

If this didn’t work, you can also use the “Return Home” button located at the upper right part of your Map menu.

A Catalyzing Caper - Players are unable to locate/did not receive Sifuu’s Torch

Please know that this can be caused by any of the following reasons:

• Torch was stored in your storage chest due to having full inventory when receiving the torch

• You have not successfully communed with the Phoenix statue

• You might have accidentally thrown away the torch (there is an option do so, so be careful when inspecting your torch) if this happened, please submit a ticket to the Support Team.
Crafters stuck at “0”

This issue is already being investigated and the team is continuously working on a workaround and permanent fix.

Quest items are sent to ‘Storage Chest’ in ‘Equipment tab’ if players have a full inventory upon receiving a quest item

For any missing quest-related items, check your general inventory and lockbox storage first to see if the item is there. It’s possible that you had no slots available when you were given an item by a villager while doing a quest.


Tech Issues 

Issue Notes from the team
Server instability and lag

This is especially noticeable upon login, when changing servers, and placing items. We are actively working on reports of server instability and lag.

For more information about this, please go to our Patch Notes 0.168.

Login Error 404

Double-check that your email address and password are correct. You can also log in with your account name.

If this fails, please reset your password by logging into https://accounts.palia.com/. Go to Account Management, and click "Update" next to the password field.

Wait for a few minutes before trying to log into the game once more.

Login Error 424 This error occurs if you are still in the lobby after we have launched a hotfix or patch. Please log out and patch up!
Not receiving verification emails This is a known issue. We are working with our email provider to ensure all emails are delivered going forward. This shouldn't affect your ability to get into the game.
A visual issue where when playing with a smaller screen size, or in windowed mode, the clothing icons in the wardrobe display covers the “continue” button The team is aware of this, please stay tuned for more info!

Having trouble with clicking Terms of Service on the checkout page when topping up or when trying to click “pay”, nothing happens on the checkout page

As a workaround, you can change your in-game resolution to 1280x1024 and/or you can also change the game’s display settings (ex: Fullscreen to Windowed or vice versa)

 Feedback / New Feature Request

Request/Feedback Notes from the team
The time it takes to cast out your fishing line has been increased, and the camera pan when reeling your fish in has been slowed. This change was made based on player feedback regarding accessibility. The camera also no longer moves to the right as you reel your fish in, as that causes the rod to briefly block the reticle.
Sushi Recipe is hard to fish 🙁 The devs confirmed that the recipe is dropping as intended.
Asking to change Shepps  There is currently no option to do this, but it is already being considered due to player demand.
Character Name Change For now, we will not be processing any name changes. This could change in the future, but at the moment we are putting a pause on offering this through Player Support.
Character Reset  Player Support does not offer character resets for cosmetic reasons, only for progress-blocking bugs.
Text in the “Report” and “Kudos” boxes is difficult to read.  The team is aware of this, please stay tuned for more info!

Known Issues From Patch 0.168 Notes

Link: Patch 0.168 Notes
✤ The Floating Relic quest item may accidentally be consumed.
✤ Terrain and foliage pop-in and out during Welcome To Palia Cinematic.
✤ There are a collection of visual errors where items or environments will “pop” in and out of view as you approach.
✤ The Honey Lure animation does not loop properly.
✤ There is no error message pop-up if you accidentally type an incorrect prompt in chat (for example, “/w” instead of “w/” to whisper.)
✤ Cooking Sushi can result in players freezing at the prep station.
✤ There are a handful of icons that do not match their item. This also applies to accomplishments rewards, like the Bug Catching accomplishments.
✤ Some menus are not currently closing with the ESC button.
✤ It is more difficult than intended to climb ivy, especially in the Bahari Bay lighthouse.
✤ Stray gliders can be found scattered throughout the world. Sadly, this is not a new and unusual foragable.
✤ There are a collection of visual errors where items will “fade” in and out of view as you approach.
✤ There are areas where you might fall through the world, or get stuck in an unexpected corner. Typing /unstuck, or using the Return Home button on your map, will free you.
✤ The Focus tutorial does not pop up to guide new players through an explanation of their Focus bar.
✤ Sometimes players can still send messages in Community chat after being kicked from the community.
✤ UI buttons animate correctly but do not respond when clicked on their edges.
✤ There is some minor clipping from the environment through the furniture, such as grass and trees.
✤ Interior wall grids are slightly mis-aligned, and overlap with attached housing add-ons.
✤ The camera function cannot be rebound from the "K" key.
✤ Photo Mode’s recent photos and album menu buttons are behaving inconsistently. The “Back” button does not work, but the “Close” button will take you back.
✤ Party UI does not appear/disappear if a player takes a photo in-game before joining or leaving a party
✤ For the "Learning the Ropes" quest, Badruu & Reth prematurely mention that the player is now ready to speak to Kenli, when in fact you should be speaking to Reth or Badruu first, respectively.
✤ In private spaces, NPCs are not standing on their expected target points, which could result in you catching Zeki jumping on his bed.
✤ Sound and music can cut out at unexpected times, such as leaving your housing plot.
✤ The “Emote Collection” button appears as a white box until it is clicked.
✤ Unfriending someone sends you an unexpected Friend Request.
✤ When a player blocks another player, the blocker is not removed from the blockee’s Social Panel Server section.
✤ Friend requests cannot be denied.
✤ When in the Lobby screen, the ESC key and O shortcuts to access the social panel does not bring up the settings menu or toggle the state of the social panel.
✤ Player’s list of “Offline” friends is not minimized or collapsed by default.
✤ When in the Lobby screen, the Friend Request notification does not appear when receiving a friend request.
✤ Players are allowed to send Community invitations, even if their Community is full. Remaining invites will not rescind when a Community reaches capacity, too.
✤ Clicking "Dismiss" when receiving a friend or party request will not dismiss the request.
✤ Your Party does not disband when there is one Party Member left after the Party Leader, or Member, leaves the game.
✤ Players do not receive a chat notification message when someone joins a party.
✤ Players do not receive a chat notification message when another player joins their neighborhood.
✤ Players who are in the same community OR in the same server, who send each other friend requests, may see location information (such as where one player is currently located in the world) in the social panel.
✤ Party invitations do not expire when a Party becomes full.
✤ Grass is growing through some objects on the housing plot, like aquariums and gardening plots.
✤ Hair Dye Patterns do not display a pattern in the UI. The swatches appear as blank circles.
✤ For the “Welcome To Palia” quest, the Housing Plot teleport icon does not have a quest marker on the map, or the compass. You can find it just north of Chapaa Crossing:
✤ Climbing is not always a smooth experience, especially around Pulsewater Plains and Hideaway Bluffs in Bahari Bay, and an area near Leafhopper Hills in Kilima Village.
✤ Pickled Corn and Pickled Spicy Pepper both have the description of Pickled Tomatoes.
✤ Leaving and Entering the Fire Temple too quickly can cause a failed zone transfer, resulting in a long period of a black screen. Please tread carefully!
✤ Bushes do not fall over after being chopped.
✤ SpeedyGro Fertilizer’s description is currently incorrect. It should instead state that it “adds one bonus day of growth per two regular days of growth.”
✤ Worm & Glow Worm farms are not currently not taking the bonus gold value of Star Quality items into account.

✤ SpeedyGro Fertilizer is currently selling for 10g. The sell cost should be 5g, matching Harvest Boost.

The above gardening errors will be resolved in a future patch. In addition to these future updates, players can also expect to see twice as much SpeedyGro fertilizer generated in their Glow Worm farms.

✤ Some items, such as the Dragon Wall Clock, are missing textures.
✤ The window above the main House entry doorway is not see-through from the exterior of the house, instead having just a gray texture applied over it.
✤ If players try to leave their Housing Plot before talking to Hodari during the early game tutorials, they appear to get stuck on an infinite loading screen.
✤ The Regal Ballroom Dress is showing black and blue colors in the store - however, the actual item is the expected colors.
✤ Star quality items are no longer available to select to fulfill requests. This will prevent star quality items from being downgraded when your friend receives the item.
✤ Villagers who share that they would like to receive Corn will not accept it as a gift.
✤ When completing the quest “Ancient Battery”, there is no text in the pop-up. There are no further steps you need to take!
✤ The Magistrate and Tau are missing from the Celebration Cinematic.
✤ Villagers and players float above ground in some areas inside the Maji Market.
✤ Ashura is teleporting from his morning workout routine straight to his fishing location at 10:15am Palia Time.
✤ After using the bow or smoke bomb, players can sometimes lock into the hunting pose.
✤ When the number of items in the crafter gets too big, the UI is cut off.
✤ Premium Store outfit thumbnails appear slightly greyed/muted in color until players hover over them
✤ Premium Store outfit thumbnails appear slightly greyed/muted in color until players hover over them
✤ When players are transitioned to the Wardrobe, or Dressing Room Menu, they see a glimpse of black screen with UI, terrain, and an empty wardrobe menu with ”No Matching Results”. It will return to the expected appearance shortly after.
✤ The Regal Ballroom Dress is showing black and blue colors in the store - however, the actual item is the expected colors.
✤ Hair Dye Patterns do not display a pattern in the UI. The swatches appear as blank circles.
✤ Grass is growing through some objects on the housing plot, like aquariums and gardening plots.


Known Issues From Patch 0.167 Notes

Link: Patch 0.167 Notes
✤ Tutorial menus may pop up upon login.
✤ Party members are being accidentally removed from Parties. After some time, a party member will be removed from the Party without any action from the Party Leader. The party member, leader or both will receive messages that the party member left or was kicked from the Party. You can immediately re-invite the member back into the party!
✤ When fishing near Einar, players will have to cast out very far to avoid the dock despite the fishing indicator being blue.
✤ Players may not be able to pick up their main house portion if their inventory is full - even if they have space in storage.
✤ At the Daiya family farm, the front door frame is missing. It looks a little strange but we know about it and a fix is on the way!
✤ When trying on clothes in the wardrobe, color swatches may appear “invisible.” You can still click on them and get the colors you want!
✤ Players are unable to send messages in the Community channel if they rejoin after leaving.
✤ The Whisper Chat defaults to yourself after exiting a Party.
✤ Players can get stuck at cooking stations, causing timers to run out mid-recipe.
✤ Periodically, finishing a cooking minigame will make the UI that appears over other stations disappear.
✤ Players suddenly exiting the game (using Alt+F4 or crashing, for example), may still appear active and in a party despite no longer being online.
✤ Game Event accomplishments should be viewed under the Game Event Page tab of the menu, but the Stamp Card will direct players to look at the standard Accomplishments tab instead.






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