How to Enable DX11 Mode in Palia (Manually)

🢂 In Palia, you have the option to switch to DX11 mode to enhance graphics performance. This guide explains how to enable DX11 mode preemptively, specifically before launching Palia. This step is particularly useful when Palia is experiencing crashes at startup or you pc setup is at the low end.

  1. Locate Palia Client Directory: Navigate to the directory where Palia is installed on your computer. The default path is typically: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Palia\Client\Palia\Binaries\Win64\

  2. Find the Palia Executable: Look for a file named "PaliaClient-Win64-Shipping.exe" in the Win64 folder.

  3. Create a Shortcut: Right-click on "PaliaClient-Win64-Shipping.exe" and select "Create shortcut." This will create a shortcut to the executable on your desktop or in the same folder.

  1. Modify Shortcut Properties: Right-click on the newly created shortcut and select "Properties."

  2. Add DX11 Command:

  • In the "Shortcut" tab, locate the "Target" field. It will display the path to the Palia executable.

  • At the end of the address in the "Target" field, add a space, followed by "-dx11" (without the quotes). The full path should look something like this: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Palia\Client\Palia\Binaries\Win64\PaliaClient-Win64-Shipping.exe -dx11

  1. Run as Administrator:

  • Click on the "Advanced" button in the shortcut properties window.

  • Check the box that says "Run as administrator." hit ok.

  1. Save Changes: Click "Apply" and then "OK" to save the changes you made to the shortcut properties.


  2. Launch Palia: Now, double-click on the shortcut you created. Palia should launch in DX11 mode with administrator privileges. On the screenshot you can see the DX11-DX12 Comparison.

📑These steps should allow you to start Palia in DX11 mode using the modified shortcut.

✅ Enabling DX11 mode can enhance graphics performance, especially on systems with low and medium spec compatible hardware. However, make sure your system meets the requirements for DX11, and be aware that some in-game features or effects may differ between DX11 and DX12 modes.

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