How to Get Unstuck in Palia

🢂 Getting stuck in Palia can be frustrating, but there are a couple of methods to help you get back into the action. Here's what you can do:





Option 1

Use the /unstuck Command: The /unstuck command is designed to free your character from their current predicament by relocating them to a nearby safe spot without collision. You can freely use this command as it has no cooldown.

  • Access the Chat: Press Enter to open the chat interface.

  • Enter the Command: Type "/unstuck" (without the quotes) into the chat box.

  • Hit Enter to execute the command.





Option 2

Return Home: This action should instantly teleport your character back to your housing plot, which serves as a safe and familiar location.

  • Open the Map: Press "M" on your keyboard to open the Map window.

  • Select "Return Home": Look for the "Return Home" option in the upper right corner of the Map window and click on it.

📌 Please note that the "Return Home" function in Palia has a cooldown period of 30 minutes. This means you can use it once every 30 minutes to teleport your character back to your housing plot. This cooldown is designed to prevent abuse and ensure fair gameplay. If you've recently used the "Return Home" option and it's not available, you'll need to wait until the cooldown period expires before you can use it again.

Additionally, you can hover your mouse over the "Return Home" button in the Map window to track how many minutes are left before you can use it again. This feature helps you keep track of the cooldown period and plan your teleportation's accordingly.


📝Note: While these methods usually work, remember that game environments can be complex and unexpected issues can arise. If the problem persists, please contact our support team for personalized assistance.

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