Email Verification

Why should I verify my email?

  • It will serve as an extra security for your Palia account

  • You'll more likely receive important game updates and news directly in your inbox

  • If you ever forget your password or have trouble logging in, a verified email makes account recovery easier

How can I check if my email is verified?

Once you log into your Palia account, under the account management tab and email, you should see an indication if your current email is verified

How do I verify the email address on my Palia account?

You could do this by accessing the email that was sent to the email address that you used to sign up. Do check your spam, promotions, and junk folder

I can’t verify my account because I did not receive the verification email!

  • It’s possible that you are checking in a different email address: We would advise that you check first if the email address is correct.

  • Check your spam, promotions, or junk folder

  • Do keep in mind to use an email with a more common domain such as Gmail and Yahoo as we are having issues with verifying uncommon email domains. If in any case you still haven’t received your verification email yet after checking, we would suggest that you change the current email address linked to your Palia account

How do I change my email address?

1. Go to and login to your Palia account

2. On the account management tab, look for “email” and click on “update”

3. Type in the field the email address that you would like to change your current email into and click save

4. There should be a pop-up banner above the page asking you to check your email to verify

5. Check your email and look for an email from with the subject line “Thank You For Signing Up. Verify Your Email”

6. Click on “verify email” and it should load you on a different page

7. Once verification is completed, the page should show up this message

Help! The wrong email was verified!

You can simply change your email address by logging into and changing it directly in the email field tab. To do this, kindly follow the process of how to change your email address. Once you entered the correct email, you should receive an email asking you to verify your Palia account

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