Epic Games Store: Known Issues

Known/Reported Issues Notes from the team
⚠️ Occasionally, when installing from the Epic Game Store, a warning appears that the Palia executable cannot be found. Re-launching from the Epic Game Store fixes this issue. This happens particularly after Palia has been uninstalled at least once.
When installing Palia through the Epic Game Store and then uninstalling it there again, Palia will still be listed in the Windows program list. It’s not actually there or taking up room, but the way the uninstall process works leaves behind a registry key that makes Windows think it's still installed. This may be difficult to fix with how EGS’s uninstall process works.
Cannot change the file location when installing Palia from the Epic Game Store When opening Advanced Options, players can see where it is installing, but cannot change it. This is intended, but we will make this interface more clear in the future as to why it cannot be changed
Similarly, if Palia is installed through the Epic Game Store and then uninstalled through the Windows Add/Remove Program, it may think it’s still installed and give you the option to launch it. -
When closing the launcher in the middle of installing, it will likely (not always) start over when the game is re-launched, instead of resuming the progress of the download. -
The Palia logo is occasionally missing during the Epic Game Store installation process. -

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