[Patch 0.178] Known Issues

Since the latest patch comes with many new features, updates, and the infamous Frogbert, we didn't want the new and existing issues to get lost in all of the happenings. With this said, we've accumulated everything the team is currently aware of and working on, together with the Bulletin Board links where you can cast votes on any issues you are currently encountering!


Emerging Known Issues as of 3/25

Issue Notes from the team

Cosmetics in the Premium Store, in languages other than English, may not have their names displayed.

They should be displayed in your wardrobe when purchased.

There are issues where your game may suddenly stop accepting your input. At this point, the game will need to be restarted.

If you see this issue, please submit a support ticket with your closest memory of your sequence of actions before you froze.

Achievement progress is not correctly persisting when accessing the same account on different machines, such as from PC to PC, or PC to Switch.

Rest assured: Your Achievements are still there, even if you can’t see them on a specific system.

Players may see an error code “409” when adding friends to their friends list.

This is due to players having more than 200 friends or pending friends. We’re working on adjusting this error to be more communicative.

Quality and SpeedGro Fertilizer do not boost garden crops, sometimes.

It’s a little inconsistent when this appears, so make sure you’re submitting tickets if this happens to you!

Face covers (such as masks) will continue to appear on your character when trying on other outfits.

Our devs are hard at work clearing out these bugs.

Missing input icons (or some wonky formatting) when navigating menus on a controller on PC

Our devs are aware that there can be some missing input icons (or some wonky formatting) when navigating menus on a controller on PC. Our devs are hard at work clearing out these bugs.

Keybindings were reset after the patch update (0.178)


This is intended and is not an actual issue or a bug. You'll need to redo any custom keybinds you may have had if you play on PC. 

Do note though that some combinations of bindings may result in issues. If you see these, please don't hesitate to contact our Player Support.

Bulletin Board

Known issues where you can vote for those you are experiencing too. Please feel free to click the link to redirect you to the post itself.

Issue Notes from the team
Second ladder leading to Flow Fragment is bugged
Try to climb on the right side of the ladder and once you reach the top, turn to the right side corner of the ladder to get a grip on the stone platform (this might take a few tries).
[Temple of Roots] Flow Tree Seed rewards not received
The team is already aware of this issue. In the meantime, you can try your luck with the "galdu" statue received from completing all Earth bundles as it can give Flow-infused seeds at random periods.
Players can "freeze" at cooking crafters
Kindly try typing "/unstuck" in the chat room to see if this will unstuck you, but the drawback is that it teleports you away from your cooking station and you'll need to run back to it afterward.
[Switch] Vault bundles not accepting items contributions
Doing a quick relog-in might help with the issue. Some players have also shared that switching to handheld mode might work but there is no guarantee to this.
Trees planted around a plot travels to another housing slot
If you are experiencing this issue please upvote this post or send a bug report by clicking on this link.
Twitch unlinking error in Account Connections
If you are experiencing this issue please upvote this post and reach out to Support for assistance in unlinking your Twitch account by clicking here.
Flowers turn back to seeds if they are placed inside the Storage Make sure to store grown flowers in stacks of 30 pcs. max so that they do not mix with seedling stacks.
Unable to exit build / placement mode
Suggested Workaround: You can exit build/placement mode by clicking on the "Right" [R] scroll wheel on your Switch Joycon. Most players say they have been using [B] button to exit, but that only makes the character jump while in build/placement mode.
[Temple of Roots] Cannot enter password to ancient computer when playing in German version
Suggested Workaround: Try the following passwords while the localization issue is being resolved
  • Keeper of Waves - TSTA
  • Keeper of Flames - TOLL
  • Keeper of Gales - CATO
[Steam Deck] Invisible mining nodes Suggested Workaround: The settings may be set to Low so try to set it to High or Epic and see if it would make a difference with the mining nodes. However, if this workaround doesn't help, please feel free to send a bug report by clicking on this link.
Spring Fever Lights recipe is missing after it's learned through Inspiration
The Spring Fever Lights are categorized as "Small" and "Large" so kindly try to look for them in the crafting table under S and L.
Unable to rebind AZERTY keyboards
If you are experiencing this issue please upvote this post or send a bug report by clicking on this link.
[Eye of the Storm] Can't talk to Zeki: Unable to complete this quest as Zeki is not in the correct island This is a known issue. We're currently working on a fix for this!
Pink Void Issue after updating to patch 0.178 If you're experiencing this issue, kindly send a bug report by clicking on this link.
Locked Outfits in Premium Store is showing as "Owned" If you're experiencing this issue and wish to purchase the outfit/cosmetic marked as "owned", please contact support.
Getting Black Screen While Playing Palia (Patch 0.178.1)

Suggested Workaround

• [If using Steam] Kindly verify if Palia files have been installed correctly by doing "Verify integrity of game files" through the Steam client to ensure no files are corrupted.
• Connect any audio output to your device
• Restart the Palia and try again.
• If the issue persists, try setting the field of view (FOV) in-game to 80 under the Advanced tab of Graphics settings as a workaround.
• Reinstall Palia

If none of the above steps work, please contact support.

Current wallpaper keeps on reverting to old wallpaper If you're experiencing this issue, please send a bug report by clicking this link.









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