Flowers and Trees FAQ

On this article we will be discussing some need to know facts about the new decorative flowers as well as a few changes that Palia has made to the tree planting mechanics. Hopefully, this will make it easier for old and new players alike in learning how to fully utilize these new features to make their houses an even cozier place to live in. 

How does planting Flowers and Trees work?

  • Seeds for flowers and trees can be planted at your home plot.
  • Once planted the seeds can be watered and will eventually undergo different stages of growth.
Growth Stages
Flowers seed > flower 
Trees seed > sapling > young tree > adult tree > mature tree


  • Remember to water your plants daily or their growth will be delayed!
  • Plant development updates daily at 6AM Palian time. 

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Is there a level or mission I have to do before this is available to me?

  • There is no level requirement or pre-requisite mission that you need to accomplish. You can immediately start gathering seeds as soon as you're in the game.

Where can I get the seeds?

  • Seeds for flowers are dropped by chance when you catch bugs/insects.
    - Insects from Kilima drop different types of flowers compared to those found in Bahari. So if you want to collect all types of flowers, you'd need to catch insects from both areas

  • Seeds for trees are dropped by chance when you chop down trees.   
    - Seeds collected from trees basically grow into the same type of tree that you chopped down

Where can I get Flow infused trees? 

  • If you complete the Temple of Roots questline and Earth bundles that were release in Patch 178, you will be awarded a Galdur statue as a reward for your achievements. This statue has a 25% chance of producing a "Flow" infused see every real time day. You can then grow and use that seed to create more.   

Where can I plant my seeds?

  • Both flowers and trees can be planted on areas of land that you have unlocked on your home plot. Use writs from city hall to unlock more land. 

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Is there a limit to how many I can plant?

  • Flowers have a maximum capacity of 500 seeds per housing plot. Please note as well that flowers also count towards the 3000 asset limit on each plot. That means if you have 500 planted flowers, you only have 2500 remaining slots left for other furniture and decor items.
  • Trees on the other can exceed more than 500 but they still count towards the 3000 asset limit.  So you can plant as many trees as you want as long as they don't exceed the limit of assets on your plot. 

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What can I  do with my fully-grown plants?

  • Fully grown flowers and trees will eventually produce (1) seed which you can collect.
  • Take note that both fully-grown flowers and trees will only produce (1) seed per plant in their lifetime.

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Can I move my flowers/trees to a new spot?

  • Yes, you can move your plants. You can either go into Build/Grid mode or housing plot overhead view and then select the flowers/trees that you want to move.
  • If you want to transfer fully grown plants into other housing plots, you can place them in your character inventory and replant them once you've switched to a different housing plot.

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Have fun!

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