Community Guidelines

Fostering a welcoming and safe environment for our players is a crucial part in building the future we envision at Singularity 6. We believe that games can bring us together and we are working to create technology that strengthens the bonds between people. An endeavor this big requires a bit of help.

We encourage all our players to give this full document a read, and we hope you join us in making Palia a safe space for everyone. 

The Community Guidelines are intended to serve both for in-game and out-of-game behavior.


Respect and Kindness Above All

Palia's community defends the right of a safe and inclusive environment for every gender, orientation, identity, race, religion, etc. Acceptance and tolerance of this value is assumed as part of our culture. Discussion or debate of this core community value only serves to divide us further. To uphold Respect and Kindness above all, moderators will remove any comments that bring this value into question.

In discussion of game features, we respect healthy debate, but will not tolerate argumentative discourse in which members attack each other for their opinions or gameplay preferences. Discuss the idea, not each other.

No NSFW Content Allowed

This also extends to inappropriate or offensive usernames, statuses, or profile pictures. You may be asked to change these, or we may change them on your behalf.


Player and Community names are subjected to the above rules. They must be appropriate and inoffensive. Names that disrupt the community or violate our standards will be modified.

Respect Boundaries

Keep your personal information private, and do not request the personal information of others. Do not use Direct Messages or Voice Chat to harass, abuse, or send other unwelcome communications to other members (e.g., romantic advances, explicit content).

Contribute to the Conversation.

Strive to ensure your messages have a level of quality to them. Unwelcome posts include: spam, politics, public and personal drama, excessive reposting, single letter/emoji per message, emoji-heavy posts, emoji trains, abusing bot commands, etc. 

No Advertising.

The promotion of other non-official social media channels, Discord servers and communities for Palia or other games is also not allowed.

Impersonating Devs

Palia has been designed to allow you to express yourself. Be your authentic, awesome self! Humans attempting to impersonate other users, celebrities, streamers, or Singularity 6 developers will be dealt with. Ashura will also be very disappointed in you.

Illegal Activities

Do not encourage or participate in illegal or dangerous activities, respect local laws. Threats of violence, towards others or self, will be reported to authorities.

Hacks and Cheats

The use of third-party software to automate parts of the game, exploit bugs, or engage in unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.


Contributing to an unkind environment will result in firm consequences. These measures are intended to protect the community we are building in Palia. Our focus with these measures is on reform, to allow players to reflect on the bad behavior and improve.

Some of the corrective measures include, but are not limited to:

  • Loss of in-game communication systems
  • Forced name change
  • Temporary or indefinite suspension from Palia

Appeals should be routed through our Player Support team. Harassing or threatening the Player Support agents or the development team will not speed up the process and can result in more action taken against the account.

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