About Palia

What is Palia's release date?

Palia will be officially available in North America and Western Europe for Closed Beta on August 2, and Open Beta on August 10th!

You can also find Palia on Nintendo Switch, releasing in Holiday 2023. Feel free to wishlist here.


How do you pronounce "Palia"?

*Pae - Lee - Uh*
Here's a voice clip Neleimour created to help us! 


What are Palia’s PC Specs?

We’ve provided a full guide on how to know if your PC meets the recommended specs. Read it here: https://palia.info/specs


Will the game be translated into different languages?

Palia will be available at Beta in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German, with more languages planned to be added over time. Please stay tuned for updates!


Will the game be available in multiple regions?

At Beta, Palia will be available in North America and Western Europe, with plans to expand to additional regions in the future. Stay tuned!


What platforms will Palia be on?

Right now our primary focus is having Palia be available on PC, with Switch to follow this holiday season. We're aware of the demand for other platforms, though!


Will clothing and hair be gender restricted?

We plan on making options available to all genders.


Are clothing and hair going to be gender restricted?

We plan on making options available to all genders.  


[insert monetization question here]

You can find the outline of our business model here: https://palia.com/palia-business-model/


 Will there be accessibility options for players?

We intend to have options to include as many players as possible within the community. Development on these features will continue after our Beta release.


I'm a Content Creator interested in Palia!

Thank you so much for your interest! Please fill out the creator form found on our blog, or at this link HERE.

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