About Palia

When is Palia launching?

We’d like to run a few more playtests before we launch! Although we haven’t announced a release date yet, you can look forward to more playtests.


How do you pronounce "Palia"?

Good question! It's pronounced Pae-Lee-Uh.


Will the game be translated into different languages?

Yes! However, the next playtests will be English. We do have plans on localizing to additional languages further down the line.


Is Palia purely multiplayer?

Palia is closest to a Community Simulation MMO. You can interact with a lot of players and can do things together but can still be enjoyed by solo players.


Will the game be available in multiple regions?

Much like our translations plan, we do plan on releasing Palia in multiple regions. The "where" and the "when" is still being determined, but we are eager to share our plans with players around the world when we're ready!


 Will it come to consoles or stay on PC?

Our players are solely held on PC. Player experience is super important for us at the studio (it's actually our first core value), so we plan on expanding to other consoles as soon as possible.


What are the in-game communications available in Palia?

Text chat in Palia is accessible to all players. If you would like to use voice chat we suggest using Discord for the moment.


Are Controllers/Gamepads supported?

There is no controller support as of the moment.


Are clothing and hair going to be gender restricted?

We plan on making options available to all genders.  


Was the announcement trailer CGI or in engine?

All of it was in engine, although some animations were custom applied to indicate gameplay targets.


[insert monetization question here]

You can find the outline of our business model here: https://palia.com/palia-business-model/


 Will there be accessibility options for players?

We intend to have options to include as many players as possible within the community. Unfortunately, those are not yet available for the next playtest.


I'm a Content Creator interested in Palia!

Thank you so much for your interest! Please fill out the creator form found on our blog, or at this link: https://bit.ly/PaliaCreator

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