What is your monetization model?

We've been asked about our monetization plans a lot since we announced Palia back in June of 2021! We answered all of these questions and more in a full blog. Check it out here! 

How much will you be able to customize your character without buying clothes and such for real life currency, will there be very few clothes you can use without buying them, or will there still be some and just more if you buy them?

The first thing I want to emphasize is that many of the character customization options are actually not monetized at all. You’ll have the full range of what we offer with things like skin color, face, body type, etc. You’ll even be able to change these choices after the initial character creation screen without the need to spend real money (though there could be other requirements, like in-game currency or a cooldown period). We want you to always be able to represent yourself in the way you want to.

As for clothing, our goal is for you to feel like you are getting a full game experience even without spending money. We’re aiming to have a good number and variety of options for players who can’t or choose not to spend. But selling outfits is also the way we’ll financially support the game, so I do want to properly set expectations that we’ll be constantly adding new, paid outfits. As we continue to support Palia for years to come, the paid outfit catalog will eventually outgrow the free one significantly—that’s the reality expected with this type of model. However, I do truly believe that most players will be happy with the options we provide for both sides.

Are you planning to have NFTs?

We do not have plans for NFTs. Philosophically, we’re approaching it the same way as any technology: does it provide new opportunities for us to make a better game for our players (and are the costs worth it)? Today we’re confident that NFTs are not right for Palia.

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