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How huge and open is the world going to be? Is exploration gonna be a big part of the gameplay?

Palia will definitely feature exploration and discovery as an exciting part of your experience with the game. However, we know it’s impossible for us to create enough content that exploration can be a permanent part of the experience, but it is something we can continuously reinvigorate as we expand the world of Palia over time. In terms of the size of our world at launch, it’s also important to keep in mind that our core reference genre is community simulation. Games in this genre do a lot with a comparably smaller landmass than what is typical of Open World games. In general, our focus is on depth, variance, and replayability in our maps over massive breadth.

How important will exploration be to filling out the game?

Exploration will be an exciting part of your early days with Palia, and an experience we hope to continuously refresh as we add new zones to the game over time. So yes, you can expect to find lots of secrets, locked doors, and hard to reach locations in the game. However, I think it’s important to temper expectations in this area since our world is not as large as a typical MMORPG or Open World game. As such, sometimes you’ll have to wait for the next zone drop to get that exploration hit in the game again. In general, the game is very resource focused in driving your core loop, but there is XP to be earned as well.

Will there be in game mounts and pets?

We are a huge fan of pets at Singularity 6, and know this is something players are very excited about as well. Additionally, we think pets are a great fit for Palia and would be surprised if we didn’t support multiple, distinct pet features in the game over time. While we’re not ready to confirm any pet features today, they are definitely on our road map and we’re looking forward to getting to the point where we can share more.

- Aidan

How much time does the development team spend on the aesthetic of Palia? Will it be filled with lots of gorgeous details?

How can we say YES in more words than one?? The art team is super excited about pretty natural effects, and we have already created amazing effects in the world like fireflies, time of day lighting, sunsets and sunrises, mysterious spirits and much more. But this is only the beginning. The team still has a lot planned for adding more whimsy into the world. The night sky is something we have a lot of plans for, constellations will give us hints and secrets about the lore of Palia. Our art and our audio team really want players to be able to sit in any area of the map and feel grounded in the ambience surrounding the player. There are times when the player will get lost, good lost, just experiencing the little details that we like to put there just for the players to find. Building a believable world for players to fall in love with is a big goal for us.

Can you tell us more about the world outside of the town? How different are the areas from one another such as forest, swamps, or desert areas to explore. And will there be any kind of challenges (difficult enemies or puzzles for example) for players to overcome in these zones? Also are there more villages to discover and possibly build a house there as well?

Palia is a big world with extremely diverse locales we’re excited to take players to over time. At launch only a small portion of that world will be accessible, but we plan to continuously expand the playable space over time. We call the major overworld areas outside of the village ‘Adventure Zones’ and their settings will be as varied as you suggest, with distinct flora, fauna, and gameplay possibilities. Where the village is meant to capture the charm and comfort of home, Adventure Zones are meant to capture the joy of exploration and discovery. Each adventure zone will feature a bevy of new content and features unique to the zone for you to uncover and experience.

Why the name Palia? Where does it come from?

Aidan, Game Director: We asked ourselves, “what do we want the name to say?” We wanted it to sound whimsical, unique, and like a place that was exciting, fantastical, and yet still simple and easy to say. We considered thousands of different names before making the hard call to journey into…PALIA. Fun Fact: Palia is derived from Greek for 'old', which is a nod to the deep history ingrained in the game's experience.📚

Vega, Sr. Narrative Designer: Oh! And another question we get a lot is “how do you pronounce ‘Palia’”? The Majiri pronounce it Pay-lee-uh, but you can pronounce it however you like as long as you call it “home”!😉

Will there be seasons? and weather patterns such as snow, heavy rains and storms, routes, etc to go with them?

We're not ready to talk about seasons at this time, but we will definitely have a dynamic weather system that will impact a wide variety of the gameplay content in the game. We're also making sure our audio experience is capturing the charm of being sheltered inside while listening to the patter of rain drops across your roof.

Will fishing (like other professions) be influenced by seasons, events? Are some kinds of fish only fishable in certain places? Or with very specific hooks to find?

In Palia, a number of things can influence the fish you find. Of course, the location where you are fishing matters, but the type of bait you use, the weather, and the time of day can also influence what fish are available.

Will There Be Clouds?

Aidan, Game Director: Yes! We recently added clouds to our Palian skies to add even more beauty and realism to our landscapes. Here’s a collection of pictures taken by tester Whirl to show how Palia looks at different times of day, featuring big fluffy clouds in the background!


What sorts of in-game events are planned for the game? For example: Will we have holidays around wintertime? Or, will it all be primarily user-driven events?

While we do want some user-driven events, we are definitely going to also have both seasonal and non-seasonal events. We will be drawing inspiration from holidays all across our own world while also coming up with ones that are uniquely Palian! Winter holidays are, in our humble opinion, some of the coziest, so we're very excited to bring that holiday coziness to Palia when the snow starts to fall.










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