Registration and Login FAQ

Below are the most frequently asked questions related to registering and logging into your account as a play tester.

Please keep in mind that we currently support Windows 10 64-bit or higher. To see the full system requirements, check out our Palia System Requirements article.

Don't see your issue below? Contact our friendly Player Support team!

Account Creation

"There was a problem creating your account: Account creation restricted due to security and legal requirements"

To resolve this and complete the account creation process, please ensure that all your information is accurate, and do one of the following:

  • Clear your browsers cache and cookies and try again
  • Copy and paste your account creation link in incognito mode
  • Use a different browser from the one you initially tried
  • Make sure that you use the dropdown feature under the birthdate field. Manually typing in your birthdate might cause this error to pop-up

If that doesn't fix the issue, please submit a ticket to our support team.

"Something went wrong"

This can mean a few different things:

  • You entered the code incorrectly. Check the link in the most recent email you received.
  • The code has already been used. You can try logging into or resetting your password at
  • The account creation service is down. If you see this error and can't get into your account after trying the above steps, please submit a ticket and include a screenshot of the entire account creation page. 

"Sorry, the code you have entered is invalid"

There are a few reasons you might get this error:

  • If you already created an account and you clicked the link in your email again.
  • There's a typo on the referral code that you entered
  • The referral code you're entering is not a valid one

Do keep in mind that you should only enter the actual code in the referral code field. Remove "" to avoid any errors

Account Website (

I'm stuck in a login loop on the website

If you are going to the website and consistently getting redirected when trying to log in, please try the following:

  • Clear cache and cookies
  • Clicking the link. This will force you out of the site so that you can log in again!
  • Try using a different browser (ex: Opera GX, Google Chrome, Mozilla etc.) 

I'm logged in but my Account Management tab isn't showing my email, account name, etc

This can mean that your account is in an incomplete state. Please submit a ticket and we'll get you fixed up! 

invalid login credentials

  • You might have not successfully created a Palia account. Kindly check your email's spam, promotions, and junk folder to check if you're able to see an email asking you to verify your Palia account.
  • The email address linked to your Palia account might be a different one. You can try to type in your username in the email field instead and give the submit button another go!
  • Your password might be invalid. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset your password here: You can also reach out to support for help if your email and password combination isn't working.


Download or Installation

"http error: request or response body error: error reading a body from connection: connection reset: request or response body error"

This error is normally a result of instability of your internet connection when downloading Palia. A few ways to resolve this include:

  • Moving to a wired connection if you are on Wi-Fi.
  • Turn off any high bandwidth services while Palia downloads and installs. This can include streaming services, other downloads, other games, etc.

"The system cannot find the path specified. os error 3"

  • Go to %localappdata%\Palia\Launcher by pasting that line into your file explorer. Check to see if there is a folder called Downloads there. If not, right click in this location and create a folder called Downloads. Once you do this, try installing again.


  • If this doesn’t work, try going to ‘Add and Remove Programs’ from your [START] Menu, and uninstalling from here before reinstalling again. If you need extra help with this step, you can find a more comprehensive guide here: Guide on How to Uninstall

"Access is denied: os 5 error"

First things first, check that no instance of Palia running in background in task manager and close it if so.
This error typically means your user doesn't have the proper permissions to launch the game. This can be fixed by right clicking on the launcher, then clicking "Run as administrator".

This error could show on other operating systems as well, but please note that we currently only support Windows 10 64-bit or higher and won't be able to troubleshoot other operating systems.

Game Client Login

"Login Error Code: 403" or "Oops you're not eligible for this playtest"

This error message means that you are trying to access the game outside of the predetermined play hours. If you were invited to one of our playtests, please refer to the email you were sent as it includes the dates and times you will be able to log into the game. Note that all dates and times are in Pacific Time.

"Login Error Code: 404"

This error shows when the email address or password is incorrect. To resolve this you can do the following:

"Login Error Code: 0"

This can mean that your account is in an incomplete state. Please submit a ticket and we'll get you fixed up! 

"Login Error Code: -1"

This error occurs when you are missing either a username or password when trying to log in. Please check that you have both filled out when trying to log in! If you've confirmed you are typing both in and are still getting this error, please submit a ticket.

Other Questions or Concerns

What are the password requirements?

To make sure that we are keeping your account secure, the following requirements apply when creating or changing your password:

Password must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be between 8 and 256 characters in length
  • Must contain both upper and lower case characters
  • Must contain at least one non-alphanumeric character
  • Must contain at least one number

Can I change my account name or Character name?

You can change your account name and at time by logging in at Do keep in mind that your account name would not be the same one as your in-game username. 

Also be mindful when creating your account name as this should also not violate our Community Guidelines

I signed up using an email I no longer have access to.

Once you have successfully registered for a Palia account, you have the option to change your primary email on your profile. You can follow this guide on how to change your email address.

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